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Recent Project Timeline


November 2014 - Games Exchange event held at NICE conference, Cardiff UK. Hosted by CircusWorks and No Fit State Circus


Winter 2014/15 - Release of Games Exchange V1 resource to the world viadirect mail and free download.


January 2015 - Games Exchange sessions at Western Australian Circus festival


March 21-25, 2015 - Games Exchange gathering held in Leuven, Belgium. Hosted by Circus in Beweging and ENCI.


March 27-April 2 - Games Exchange gathering held at British Juggling Convention, Yorkshire, UK. Focus on skill specific games.


May 3-7 - Games Exchange gathering held in Leuven, Belgium. Hosted by Circus in Beweging as part of Erasmus+ project.


What’s Next?


Later in 2015 we will collate all of the games contributed into a download form and make it available to all our contributors.


Collections will remain open as we work towards STAGE 2: A web-based platform with videos, photos and user friendly, interactive elements - wouldn't that be nice?


If only we had someone to fundraise for this development. Or is that you?

If only we had someone with the practical skills to build the website. Or is that you?....


Then new developments, new partners, new project streams.

Want to be part of this? Get in touch!


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Project manager: Clown, playmaker, circus mentor - Steve Cousins

skype: steve-cousins  /   steve(at)circusgames.net /  UK, Europe and Worldwide

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