The Circus Games Exchange is a collaborative project that is building a resource of physical games used to develop Circus Arts.


We are inviting you to send us your favourite Circus Games, with a complete description of how they work and why you play them. This will build the resource and allow us to explore other ways of using games as a positive learning tool. In exchange for your games, we will send you the entire resource of games for free.


What's the catch? There is none.


Help us grow our resource, help us grow the community of circus and the games that we play, and we give you the works of our collective project.


How are we doing it?


STAGE 1: Collation - NOW

The Games Exchange will collect, classify and record your games, to make a resource of physical games that are used in teaching circus for social, youth and leisure purposes. This will be collated and distributed to every contributor. We have collected games at gatherings and events across the UK, Europe and Australia and encourage other groups to do the same. We have designed this website to be a collection point for games and invite you to contribute.


The contribution form has been designed to allow for future development of a web-based searchable archive.



STAGE 2: Build the platform - NEXT

We want to create a multifunctional website/app that is a dynamic, searchable resource of the entire games collection, allowing for video and photo resources to be integrated into written game descriptions.


Currently, we do not have a funding stream or timeframe in place for this level of the project. We are seeking collaboration to bring these developments to life


Who is involved


There is currently a groundswell of interest in the collation of circus games across Europe, North America and elsewhere. This includes several initiatives that are currently active in collecting and recording these games. The Games Exchange is attempting to link with other initiatives and grow a collaborative database.


Stewardship of this games project is being lead by ENCI (European Network for Circus Interchange), a Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership (2013-15) project between the following circus organisations


Circus Central, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK 

The Hangar Arts Trust, London, UK

Cirkus in Beweging vzw, Leuven, Belgium

Associacio Valenciana de Circ, Valencia, Spain

Cirqueon, Prague, Czech Republic

Hungarian Juggler’s Association, Budapest, Hungary


The project seeks collaboration from other organisations and individuals and is open to ways of how this cooperation can take place. 


The current project team anticipates a new funded project for Stage 2.

Why not create your own Games Exchange?

In The


5 Days of play!

Our first 5 day Games Exchange gathering took place at Cirkus in Beweging in Leuven. Together the team of international collaborators defined the categorisation system and played a lot of games!


March 2015


CircusWorks, UK

A second great event in Cardiff, this time at the Educators Conference of the UK's Network of Youth CIrcus


March 2015

Back to Belgium!

Good news from Belgium where Circus in Beweging have been successful with their application for a second international Games Exchange in Leuven in May 2015 

February 2015

G'Day Australia

Thanks to Fatt Matt and Lunar Circus for a fantastic festival and some great play. Great to have Western Australia on the Games Excahnge map


January 2015

NICE Games

A very successful Games Exchange in Cardiff's No Fit State Circus Headquarters as part of the NICE conference, 2014

November, 2014